Fjeld Skov provides an opportunity to have retreats in the middle of the forest. We can accommodate exclusive weekend or full week retreats for upto 20 people with sleepover in the main house. Catering is done externally and based on the needs of the participants various suppliers can be arranged. Please reach out to us for more details

Depending on the weather, there is a possibility to gather and have sessions both indoors in our spacious south facing rooms with a beautiful view of the terrain or outdoor in our lovely south facing terrace or on the freshly cut grass in the garden under the two majestic oak trees.

If you are interested in holding a retreat at Fjeld just send us a message on Facebook, Instagram or mail to


Stimulate all 5 senses. Smell the forest, take a long slow walk, feel the grass under your bare feet, drink aromatic tea in our garden or around our outdoor fire pit, walk over to the little pond in the valley, enjoy looking at the season's foliage, changing colors of the forest, hear the sounds of the seasons, the browl of a red deer stag in heat, the birds, the rustling of leaves and just give yourself to nature.

Meditate in our little Stone henge, lean against a tree or a large boulder, feel the vibrations of the earth inside yourself and let the positive energy of nature push stress out of your being.

Forest bathing or Shinrin Yoku is a proven method of relaxation and stress release. There are many ways of being in nature, all falling under the umbrella terms of 'Ecotherapy' or 'Nature Therapy'. All forms advocate the healing powers of nature. It does not necessarily have to be a forest, one can be at a beach, a mountain or any form of nature. The main purpose is to try to be one with nature, to be mindful of your surroundings and to absorb it's energy.

Nature Therapy has been proven to be beneficial for people with high stress levels. It helps rejuvenate and energize those who live hectic lives in busy cities.


Fjeld Skov is a unique forest in the sense that is one of the very few places in Denmark that has all 4 kinds of deer that can be found in Denmark. The majestic and big Red deer, the cute little roe deer, the beautiful fallow deer with webbed horns and the elusive Sika deer which is often mistaken for a Fallow deer.

Come and try our stalking experience see if you can sneak up on a herd without disturbing them. See if you can tell the difference between a Fallow deer and a Sika deer. See if you can recognize which hoof marks belong to which deer and if there is a Fox in the mix.