Our philosophy is to coexist with nature without hurting ourselves, others or the Earth. Our goal is to preserve our heritage, history, the forest and its ecosystem. Now we want to share it with the world. Fjeld is now receiving guests who wish to come and experience its magic and learn more about it.


The forest estate 'Fjeld' was established in 1855-1862 by J.B.S. Estrup, who used to live at the nearby estate manor Skaføgård. As part of the acquisition of the area around Klemstrup and Rosenborg, Fjeld was separated from Skaføgård in 1907, and the current house that still exists on the estate was built.

When J.B.S. Estrup's son Adam Estrup died in 1934, Fjeld was taken over by Niels Rudolph Estrup who was succeeded by his son Vilhelm Estrup. The property is still in the Estrup family and the current owner is Frederik Emil Valdemar Estrup, who represents the fifth generation of the family on this property.


We are located in the heart of Denmark and Djursland. It is a place where one can find all four types of deer that exist in Denmark. The types of plants and trees in our forest and how closely they are planted are specifically designed to allow for a conducive environment for the animals present there.

Therefore we have a diverse variety of foliage and a combination of thick growth and open spaces so the animals get what they need. Guests can experience both the foliage and the animals in their natural habitat by either just visiting or also by staying over. Guided tours can be arranged upon request.

We are a traditional commercial forest and we offer:

- Possibility to rent the main house for a week or weekends for retreats

- Traditional wood products

- Clay pigeon shooting

- Rental houses

- Hunting events

Please get in touch with us for queries